Seasonal Sequin Sneakers

Sequin Sneakers

Glittery, shiny sneakers are hot.  Actually, any fashion-inspired sneaker is popular.  Women are leaning towards comfortable fashion meaning you’ll see more sneakers and thongs on women as they go about their days this season.  Thankfully, comfort is not synonymous with drab or bulky design.  The Chuck Taylor sneaker we all know, whether we have a pair on now or haven’t since childhood, has had a fabulous new facelift and comes in a plethora styles, including these Chuck Taylors,  making it perfect for a relaxed look with jeans or capris.  Juicy Couture, never one to miss a beat with trendiness, completes this season’s line with the Delila Sequin sneaker.  Think and explore outside of the box this season to take advantage of the full spectrum of shoe options!

**UPDATE FEB 2009**

The Juicy Couture Delila Sequin Sneaker and Converse Chuck Taylors with Sequins are SOLD OUT! 

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One Response to “Seasonal Sequin Sneakers”

  1. Holly Says:

    Damn! Those are ssoooooooooooo cute!

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