Sam Edelman Gilda Sandal

Sleek, chic and utlra-stylish, the Sam Edelman Gilda is a trendy gladiator sandal glammed up in metallic pewter with a snake print upper. Strap them down with dual adjustable ankle straps with added elastic for a comfortable, fashionable fit. Available in Black or Silver and priced at $85.00, they are the perfect Spring treat that will leave money in your pockets for more important things.. Like beach passes.. Shop for the Sam Edelman Gilda Thong at Footnotesonline.

3 Responses to “Sam Edelman Gilda Sandal”

  1. Riley Says:

    What a gorgeous sandal! You could really vamp this sandal up with a metalic color bikini.

  2. Sara Welly Says:

    Just love those gladiator style sandals. I think they look really sexy

  3. sharon Says:

    Hello, just wanted to know if you are getting the gilda sandal back in with the metalic colour. Please get back to me.

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