The Fitness Fanatic’s Flipflop – the Fitflop

Fitflop Walkstar Thongs

It’s no wonder the fitflop has taken on it’s omnipresent 2nd cousin, the flipflop, to become one of the UK’s and America’s hottest summer footwear choices.  What else can be said of the evolved flipflop that has been shown in independent university studies to actually increase gluteal muscle response (your bum!), increase hamstring response, increase thigh and calf response!  But what does that all mean?  It means you are actually getting a workout by just walking!  On top of that, the Fitflop has been engineered to reduce and absorb the shock of walking.

The most popular style, the Fitflop Walkstar, is available in Black, Bronze, Silver and Pink at Footnotesonline.  Shop for the Fitflop Walkstar at Footnotesonline.

One Response to “The Fitness Fanatic’s Flipflop – the Fitflop”

  1. Susan Says:

    It’s been a little slow here in the states but this summer business has picked up steadily. I think next year will be hot!!

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