Angelica Butterfly Boot from Juicy Couture Boot

Juicy does it best!  So you love the “ugg” style but want to embrace a different side of the spectrum.  Then slip into the shearling lined Angelica from Juicy Couture.  This black suede boot lined with colorful butterfly sequin detail on the back is soooo warm and fuzzy with its faux shearling.  Skip right through fall and winter weather without hesitation as the 1 ¼” low wedge heel gives just enough height.
**2009 UPDATE**
The Juicy Couture Angelica is Sold out at!  However, it’s practically Spring, so Check Out the Latest Arrivals.
 Shop Juicy Couture.

6 Responses to “Angelica Butterfly Boot from Juicy Couture Boot”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i like ur boots!! Fathead :P!!!!!

  2. lauren Says:

    omg i neeeed those!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    nice boots

  4. VivaLaCookie Says:

    OMG 😀 ! I Love & ADORE These Damn Boots ; I Got 2 Questions 🙂

    1. Where Can I Find Them ( I Live In The Bronx – Dnt Mind Traveling )


    2. How Much Are They ? &’ If Possible Where Can I Find Them Cheap 😉

    * Thanks So Much 🙂
    – xoxoxo

    • womensdesignershoes Says:

      The Juicy Couture Angelica is from the Fall/Winter 2009 Juicy Couture collection.. Look online or in any boutique that carries Juicy!!


  5. Anonymous Says:

    i like it

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