Aquatalia by Marvin K Fall 2008 Overview

If you haven’t yet slipped into a fabulous pair of Aquatalia boots or shoes, learn a little bit more why you should!  They truly deliver and follow their core principles of bringing women “Fashion without Compromise!”

Aquatalia by Marvin K. is a collection of women’s footwear created in Italy by Marvin Krasnow, otherwise known as Marvin K.

The Aquatalia group was established in 1989, with offices in Montreal, New York and Milan. With over 35 years of industry experience, Marvin K. oversees the family run company and its design and production teams. The Fall 2008 collection uses the best of soft, supple Italian leathers and materials and is manufactured using the highest quality standards. Aquatalia footwear successfully combines the most advanced technology available today with a distinct urban sophistication. The footwear is engineered to perform in a variety of conditions, at home, at play or while traveling around the world.

What is Weatherproof?
Our weatherproof collection of footwear is designed to be worn in all types of weather; rain, snow, sleet or sun. It is fashion without compromise.

The skins used are sealed by a special sealant which is poured into the drum during the tanning process. This sealant penetrates the fibers of the leather and will not wear off.

Seams are sealed with a liquid sealant to prevent moisture penetration.

This unique and complex process keeps the leather very soft and natural looking as well as providing salt and stain resistance, maintaining its breathability and keeping the foot comfortable and dry (this process does not cover fastenings, zippers or closures of any kind or if our product is subjected to misuse, negligence, chemicals, or exposure to extreme heat).

We use a breathable padded thermal footbed underneath the sock lining. This unique feature keeps your feet comfortable year round, indoors or outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions. During cold weather, the insulator is self activating to keep your feet warm.

Made from a rubber compound that:

  • Will not stiffen in the cold weather
  • Will retain its flexibility and provide maximum stability
  • Long wearing
  • Designed to be slip resistant

Shop Aquatalia by Marvin K at Footnotesonline.

One Response to “Aquatalia by Marvin K Fall 2008 Overview”

  1. Marie Josee Says:

    I have a wonderfull pair of those boots that I wear in quebec winter conditions.
    But the soling was a deception. After one winter, tje soling cracked.

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