Chic Styling in the Kors by Michael Kors Eagle Boot

Indulge in chic riding boot style with the Eagle from the Kors by Michael Kors Fall 2008 Collection.  This sleek boot with Kors’ signature clean lines and polished look will beautifully polish any look you put together this Holiday season.  It’s also a classic look guaranteed to look as stylish next winter as it does this.  It is available in Black, Brown or Cognac leather.  It features brass studs and a polished buckle along with a side zipper making it easy to slip into this comfortable boot.
If you loved the Kors Eagle, Check out the New for 2009 Michael by Michael Kors Carney Boot which features the same riding boot look!! HOT!

3 Responses to “Chic Styling in the Kors by Michael Kors Eagle Boot”

  1. Vickster Says:

    I’ve got to say, these look awfully “matronly” – like something my 55 year old mother would trot out on a cold day.

    No thanks, Kors.

  2. fashionista Says:

    This boot is FAB sooo sheek with a touch a comfort and very stylish, that’s a perfect combination if you ask me. I love love love these boots!! I have them in brown and I wish I had them in black as well these boots ROCK!

  3. victoria Says:

    love these boots classic aristrocatic the matronly part is due to the factthey are too high class for your standars which arent classy and not so chic i have them in black they are comfortable and i feel like ican walk on water almost

    important looking boots

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