Huarache Glam! The Tory Burch Anya


Rooted in Mexican tradition, Huarache sandals have grown from the staple footwear of the hoi polloi to 5th Ave stature.  Set on a leather sole, huaraches can have woven uppers of anything from leather to even recylced tires providing the hallmark thatched styling.  Look for recycled tires if you’re intent on being green this season.  If not, the “Anya” by Tory Burch is a chic huarache sandal in gold metallic leather (also more widely available in tan leather) with an open toe with open emblem on the heel.  At

From the Spring/Summer 2009 Collection – Few sizes remain on sale at various online Tory Burch retailers.

One Response to “Huarache Glam! The Tory Burch Anya”

  1. ed sweatt Says:

    I’ looking for men’s leather soled mexican huaraches. Do you carry them? if you don’t do you know who does? thank you.

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