Get and Stay Fit! New Fitflop Thongs for Summer


Every few years a new footwear trend arrives on the scene with the promise of weight loss and a fabulous new body. Unfortunately the promises rarely materialize leaving us no option but to move on to the next trend. Fortunately, this summer trek towards a fitter and firmer body will actually be helped along with Fitflop!

Recognized by Oprah and countless other celebrities and health professionals as a truly remarkable footwear design that has been scientifically proven to “give a workout while you walk.” Of course a healthy diet and exercise will only be reinforced by Fitflop’s patented technology that has been clinically proven to tone thigh muscles, improve slow twitch muscle development and increase gluteal firmness all while providing a marshmallow soft walk!

Slip into Fitflops and “get a work out” while running errands, relaxing by the pool and heading to the beach!

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