New Cork Styles from The Original Kork-Ease


Go all the way back to Roman times and you’ll find that cork was used to fabricate shoe soles.  Fast forward to 1953, and a new trend originating in Brooklyn featuring comfort and hand made shoes started overtaking main streets, campus quads and pop magazines.  If you don’t remember, Kork-Ease the “Original Handmade Sandals” kicked off one of recent history’s biggest fashion and style trends.  While the popularity of cork and the degree to which it has been incorporated in various designer lines has vascillated, cork’s time has come again and with it so has Kork-Ease.   With a bunch of fabulous new styles, new finishes and the same fantastic fit, you can find the Kork-Ease sandals that fits your style, and maybe even your memories!  Yes, they’re popular and worn by women of all ages!


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